Hungry for Pizza? Take a Bite Out of the World’s Largest in this Fort Worth Suburb

What kid hasn’t looked in the Guinness World Records in awe of the many accomplishments?

And what kid doesn’t love pizza?

So, as an adult, Paul Rouse and his wife, Amber, found a way to combine his dream of getting into the popular record book, along with loving pizza. They created “The Bus.”

The Bus is a pizza that is 8 feet long and 32 inches wide. It is listed in Guinness as the largest commercially available pizza. It is only available at Moontower Pizza Bar in Burleson, which has been in business four years.

“When we were in elementary school every kid went to the library and ran to the Guinness book to look at the neat stuff that people do,” Paul said. “This is a fond memory of mine as a child, so I decided to get my own record that my family could enjoy.”

“We created The Bus in May of 2017 and placed it on our menu. You have to have it on the menu for a year before you can get the record,” Amber said.

They officially obtained the record on May 26, 2018.

“We sell at least one Bus a month, and more during wedding and graduation season,” Amber said.

Amber and Paul have a heated trailer that they pull behind their tie-dyed Volkswagen Beetle. That way the pizza stays hot right up to delivery. They also cater to high schools, as well for their sports teams.

Most orders of the Bus are delivery. Sometimes they’ll have one ordered for small dine-in events, like the party Guinness threw at Moontower when they announced the record.

“They came to us and we had a big party with the city. We were very excited and still celebrate it every year,” Amber said.

And, like any other pizza, folks can put whatever toppings they choose on The Bus.

“We will allow four different sections. Most people do that for variety,” Amber said.

“We love making the pizza and bringing it places. Kids’ eyes light up as well as adults. We are just a mom-and-pop pizza place in a small growing town so it’s fun to deliver it out of our city.”

Of course, it never hurts business when word gets out that you have a world record.

“It is fun to tell guests that we have the record, and it hangs on our wall. Our children got to be a part of it and are featured in the picture that is in the book,” Amber said.

While someone somewhere else might break the record, the Rouses say it won’t be long before they reclaim it.

“Absolutely we will,” Amber said. “My husband worked all of that out before we started so we would never lose the record.”

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