Residents of Burleson are proud of their heritage and their city, and this sense of community, along with an affordable cost-of-living, have attracted many people here. Burleson has grown substantially over the past decade, adding over 11,000 people since 2010, a growth trend that is expected to continue. As Burleson continues to grow, it offers businesses both the skilled and unskilled workforce they need to thrive, along with its welcoming and supportive business community.

Burleson Population
Current Population
2020, ESRI
Median Age
2019, ESRI
Projected Population
2025 Projection

Population Diversity

  • White 85.23%

  • Black or African American 4.98%

  • American Indian and Alaskan Native .58%

  • Asian 1.64%

  • Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander .04%

  • Some Other Races 4.44%

  • Two or More Races 3.10%

Four-Year Graduation Rate*
Adults 25+ Have at Least a Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

*Vs. 90% statewide

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