Retention & Expansion

Burleson has enjoyed over 100% population growth since the beginning of this century. It’s ranked one of the best places for families to live in Texas. What that means, besides the fact that we’re getting bigger, is that people who move to Burleson stay in Burleson. That means a reliable workforce that is motivated to do their best so they can remain in this wonderful community and enjoy all that it has to offer for them and their families.

We Set Businesses Up for Success:

Incentives That Invest in Your Success
  • Below Market Rate Land Sites § Tax Abatements

  • Double Freeport Exemption

  • Discounted utility rates

  • Training Grants and State Incentives § City sponsored employee benefits

Utilities in Place to Minimize Your Expense
  •  Water/Sewer transmission lines ready for connection

  • Dependable electric and gas providers in place with ample
    capacity to handle your growing business

  • Data and Telecom waiting for your next order

Speed to Market
  • High speed to market through our review process for your vision

  • Flexible, cost-sensitive approach

Expedited Permit and Approval Process
  • 8-10 weeks from initial application

  • Progressive city staff, Mayor, Council, and City Manager that is both accessible and responsive

There are many reasons why people stay in Burleson besides it being a great place to live. There are good jobs here in a wide variety of fields. Great educational opportunities are available in and around Burleson. Scholarships and other incentives are offered for workers to gain additional knowledge and skills to help them be their best at whatever they do for a living. More businesses are moving here each year creating a competitive working environment.

"From the very first conversation, and through every significant milestone along the way, the City of Burleson demonstrated a genuine interest in the successful relocation of Hayes & Stolz to Burleson."
BJ Masters
Owner, Hayes & Stolz

The Burleson EDC is always ready to work with your company to insure you have a stable, highly skilled workforce that enjoys working and living in our community.


The direction all business is moving in is toward growth. In Burleson, we certainly have the room for your company to expand. Almost 50% of the property within the City’s jurisdiction is undeveloped and available for your vision, and there are many shovel-ready sites.

As your business grows, it has access to a large labor pool ready to work.

Workers within a 25- minute drive time

Educational opportunities abound in Burleson and in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex to help keep your workers at the top of their game.

Drew Pennywell
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