Location & Transportation

Map highlighting Burleson

Located within the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, Burleson is Fort Worth’s closest and largest neighbor to the south. It is strategically bisected by one of the most traveled interstates in America, I-35 West, the NAFTA corridor that supports North American manufacturing. The city surrounds this massive commerce pipeline, providing over nine miles of interstate frontage, including the steadily expanding Highpoint business park. I-35 West connects to a number of other interstates, including I-30 and I-20, which traverse the state of Texas and branch across the country, allowing for the wide distribution of goods.

Minute Drive Downtown Fort Worth

Get In and Out

By Air

Air travel is readily available to residents and visitors, with the local Fort Worth Spinks Airport and three commercial airports within an hour’s drive. 

Fort Worth Spinks Airport

Proximity: 6 Miles/7 Minutes

Located 6 miles from Burleson and 13 miles south of downtown Fort Worth, Spinks Airport offers a unique combination of corporate, general aviation, and recreational pilots and is suitable for small props and small, medium and long-range jets as well as regional aircraft. The airport offers helicopter and charter services. 

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Proximity: 41 Minutes/32 Miles

Under an hour’s drive away, DFW is the primary international airport serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and is the largest and in the state. It offers local, regional, and international services.

Dallas Love Field

Proximity: 53 Minutes/43 Miles

Dallas Love Field offers flights throughout the United States and Alaska. Carriers include Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Delta Air Lines. 

Alliance Airport

Proximity: 30 Minutes/31 Miles

The Fort Worth Alliance Airport has transformed the North Texas economy as it connects the area to global industry and is the world’s first industrial airport. It can accommodate a wide-range of aircraft, from small props and corporate fleets to long-range jets, government, and large cargo aircraft. Flight services include air cargo, corporate, and government aviation.

By Train

From Burleson it is also easy to connect to large rail shipping hubs. 31 miles straight North of Burleson, mostly paralleling I-35W, is the enormous BNSF Railway Intermodal Facility. 57 miles due East of Burleson is the huge Union Pacific Intermodal Terminal. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is also served by the Kansas City Southern railroad, with an Intermodal facility in Wylie, 73 miles northeast or Burleson.

By Sea

Sorry, no ocean next to Burleson. However, the Gulf of Mexico is less than six hours south, where you’ll find the Port of Houston, one of the busiest seaports in the world.